Medicinal Caravan (Medicar)

A digital machine for manufacturing medicine from powder and liquid

MediCar: The Digital Medicine Vision of the Future

About the Machine:

Creating a medical machine used to manufacture medicine with high speed and accuracy, and that is environmentally friendly and at a low cost is considered a major engineering and technical challenge.
Our company holds a patent for an innovative technology integral to achieving this goal. Incorporating proprietary methods, our patented technology combines all these factors to produce an innovative medical machine capable of meeting the needs of drug manufacturing in an environmentally friendly and low-cost manner.

Program Highlights:

  • Quality and precision in execution, within the required safety standards.
  • Rapid procurement of the necessary medications through the program.
  • Environmentally friendly, as it helps avoid approximately 50% of medication waste.
  • Provision of medical care for patients in hospitals and pharmacies. The ability to store patient records and identify risks and side effects for each patient through the available programming options.
  • Possibility to obtain both liquid and powdered medications, in addition to medical solutions.
  • Option for internet connectivity and requesting prescriptions from specialist doctors.
  • Procurement of an infinite number of available medications through raw materials.
  • User-friendly and of suitable size.

Key Features of the Machine:

  • High-quality and precise performance, meeting safety standards.
  • Rapid medication retrieval, ensuring patients receive their needed medication in minutes.
  • Programmability according to user requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly, eliminating over 50% of medication waste.
  • Capability to dispense both liquid and powder medications, making it compatible with a wide range of drugs, along with other features through software.

Device for the phamaceutical industry

  • World Moving into automation and digitalization
  • Our machine is considered as the first competitor in terms of quality, price and performance
  • We strive to be a worldwide approved machine
  • A prototype of the machine is manufactured and patented.

Our Potential customers

satisfactory services in pharmacies



gyms and others.


MEDICAR features

Quality and accuracy

of performance, as measures have been taken that meet the required safety standards.

Fast medication procurement

the patient only needs a few minutes and receives the medication he needs


Programmability according to user's requirements.

Environmentally friendly

as the waste of medicines which is more than 50% has been eliminated.

Liquid and powder Medicines

Possibility of sourcing liquid and powder medicines so that they are compatible with all required medicines. In addition to other functions via the machine software


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